Thursday, July 29, 2010

down time

So I have some. and it's incredible.. but it allows me to think..

and I think a LOT as it is.. about time, time management, things in my life, what I've done wrong, relationship and otherwise, how to fix things, what to do differently, and how to NOT do the same things over and over again.

I don't like to dwell. I HATE it, but we all do it. I just need a place where I can vent it all out and the people/persons in questions can't get at it, don't know it's there and will just leave me alone.. and in the land of the world wide web.. where the inter-webs transport information like so many pulsations of light.. I feel trapped. Anyone else feel trapped by technology? I mean, it's my JOB to get tech, to work it, to advertise, to sell, to get it to bow to my whim.. and also make it DO WHAT THE CLIENT WANTS!!!! but when it comes to a persons OWN life??.. that's where the issues in MY life have come.

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