Tuesday, February 22, 2011

times like these..

I'm not even sure what to write. After our meeting, in which our boss pretty much said "you all need to learn a new skill set to incorporate to your existing skill set, otherwise it's gonna become REAL uncomfortable for us all".. dealing with a reaction to a sulfa drug over the weekend during which I seriously bit off my nails so that I wouldn't scratch myself bloody (I have hives or whatever these things are IN MY EARS!! and on my feet and other unmentionable spots), my head is killing me, and my head is just swimming. I mean, yeah I know that Flash and web development isn't 'the ULTIMATE', but THANKS Steve Jobs for fucking us. I appreciate it. Because you made the Ipads incompatible with Flash, everyone is all "oh.. HTML5 and blah blah blah".. excuse me for a second..
I LOVE Apple. I LOVE their over-priced, sleek designs and often over tuned, over manufactured products.. but the iPad?? No thank you. GAY. and now, because people are concerned about the 'interactivity of their actions on their little iPads' my job is changing.. yet again.

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