Tuesday, May 24, 2011

flippity floppity, which way do we droppity?

Okay.. so. I'm 'on lunch', and since I can't stand sweat soaked feet (I was planning on re-starting my "workout at lunch" idea, but found that I hadn't remembered my socks.. and I'm not wearing any with my current shoes..the workout things a no go. So I will eat instead this food I brought that's supposed to make me NOT hungry (yeah right..I'm craving Brooklyns Pizza right now) and anticipating derby practice tonight. Thinking about my schedule for the week, and I already feel a sense of Dread. This is supposed to be Memorial Day weekend.. and well, it is. Nothing can change this. And my best friend T is coming in from TEXAS (High Five to Lone Stars) from Friday till June 1st. So I'll get to pop in and visit her for a bit... but the things that's hanging on my head is this whole Derby thing.
I WAS on one team. Some stuff happened. Another team was born from this main team, this one promises to take the short comings of the first and improve upon them and be more competitive. Currently I'm involved in both teams.. at least till the end of May, because you simply can't play dues to 2 teams, it's against the rules in Derby-land. You CAN, however, 'drop-in' on practices and pay a nominal fee (usually to the tune of $7) and skate with the people that USED to be your friends and have everything feel weird, which we all know is awesome.
My decision has already been made as to who I'm skating with, and people already know my decision.. but I can't help feeling like a creep no matter what I do. I know I can't make anybody happy but me, but right now, I don't feel oh so happy.

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