Friday, February 25, 2011

Aren't we supposed to be a team?

so.. I'm on a local roller derby team. And for practice, we normally do endurance, warm-up, and scrimmage against ourselves for practice. I understand this and I'm not complaining.. this is how we get better. Sometimes, the working with 30+ women on a team really cranks me, but all of the conflicting personalities can be both a blessing and a curse.

The other night, for example.. we were practicing and it seemed that a vendetta was to be had from some of the players on the one team versus the players on our team. Mind you.. the Travel Team (all Star Team that goes and plays against other teams) pools from players on each of our teams .. and we have a scrimmage against a real team on Sunday, so injuries are NOT a good idea at this point. What happens, you ask? INJURIES!! Girls from the opposite team were overly vicious towards players on our team.. myself included. And the thing is.. I know roller derby is a violent, contact sport.. but it's a violent contact sport with RULES!!! It's necessary to have these rules to PLAY to AVOID UNNECESSARY injuries.. and these girls played 'dirty pool' just to .. to...? what? I dunno? But it makes me mad.. and annoyed and really... REALLY pissed off. I get hit in the face by a girl slamming her helmet into my face (intentional) which is illegal, and others on my team, totally eradicated. And we needed them for Sunday. Honestly, it makes me wonder if this is what I want to do, sometimes. I love this sport. But pettiness, I do not.

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