Tuesday, June 28, 2011

all built up and no where to go

One of my most favorite musicians/producers/composers etc in the world is BT (Brian Transeau). This past Saturday, I had the crazy wonderment of being able to be at a club where he was spinning live, in Detroit. Now, this man isn't hard on the eyes, has a beautiful daughter, and so, I won't delude myself that I KNOW him, but I have a different kind of respect for a guy who does his 'music thing' and then takes care of his daughter like a REAL man should. It melts my heart and I want to hug him and just be like.."I like you THAT much more!!" Just so he knows it (not like he cares) and smile on the inside, because to me, people need to know that they matter to other people, and not just on the surface. Unfortunately... I did not enjoy his DJing skills as much as I thought I would :( and it did sound pretty much like everyone else until around 1am.. at which time he started mixing some of his tracks in with whatever it was he was mixing. I enjoy, I mean, TRULY enjoy mixing skills. I can't do it. I would LOVE to know how they do it.. and just figure it out from there, but, lets be honest.. I already have too many pokers in the fire. But my main disappointment stemmed from the fact that someone that I had built up in my head since ...1996? Suddenly was less than 3 ft from me and real. I could see him. And I wasn't impressed by the music. :( and that hurt. Because to me, music is life. Art is life. Without them, I would have no way of expression, no outlet; no way in or out. It's not that it SUCKED by any means.. just.. not what I expected. Sigh.

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