Monday, August 29, 2011

finding it very hard..

To concentrate on anything at the moment. I've had this retarded migraine for about *thinking* almost a month now. No joke. Been to the ER. Been to hell (which I think I'm still in.. my eyes hurt, my neck hurts, my whole BEING hurts) and still I can't figure out how people can mistake a simple headache from a migraine. I think it took every ounce of control to NOT throw something large and potentially lethal at the co-worker who was like "maybe its a slow aneurysm". Really? How can I say "shut up as polite as possible without shoving a handful of lyme in his face? PUFF! BURN! maybe it'll reach his eyes and make me THAT much happier.

not really. I don't wish this pain on anyone.

please pray that this ends soon.

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