Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Musings with music

It's the end of July, and I honestly keep wondering where the summer has gone. It's easy to wonder that when you've sat inside an office in a basement, coding, or waiting to code on an assignment..when in all honesty what I've been doing has been a little bit of this, and that, making sure I'm learning more and more since Steve Jobs has made his disdain for Flash and Adobe prevalent, thus making my whole world turn upside down, work-wise. Constant headaches, unfortunately. I've been picking up a lot of side work lately, but this too comes with it's own guilt and headaches and time limits, and constraints on my life, meaning, less sleep or less time with my daughter. Since I refuse to give up the less time with my daughter.. the less sleep it is.
It's odd, when you think about it.. the impact of one persons actions on the whole of another. What someone does truly DOES affect what happens to you, or someone you know, and not normally by means you can control. Makes me think of karma in a whole new way. Almost as if, yes, you do a good deed, and it's not that YOU get something good out of it, other than the self satisfaction of a 'good deed'.. but someone somewhere gets something good out of it. Not necessarily you, but someone, somewhere. Just a bit of musing.
Alright.. now on a TOTALLY different direction, while out on the web, check some of these places out out!!
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have a great day and I'm gonna try and write some more, because writing makes me feel a little better, here and there

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